Starting Over… NOW

This year I turn 50.  I’m Vintage. A 1960s baby.  I’m half way through life. Pretty powerful thought.

I’ve started a journey to conquer THE issue I’ve had for the last 4 years.  My weight.  I’ve never had a weight issue. I’ve always been this petite spunky gal with tons of energy, a big smile and a huge Bucket List.


After two surgeries, one to remove 2 massive ovarian cysts and the other about 2 years later to remove my fibroid-covered uterus (otherwise known as a partial hysterectomy), my body just went sideways. Haywire.  It just wasn’t MY BODY anymore.    I now am on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) until I finish up the transition into menopause.   Let’s be clear, I do not like drugs in my body.  I’m anti-drug therapy as much as possible.  I’ll write another blog on that topic all together, soon.

At the same time my body is kicking my butt, I suffered one of the most tragic losses in my life, my mother. She died in August 2017 after battling Stage 4 Lung Cancer for one year and ten months.  She was my best friend. I was hers.   I’m an only child.  I’m still grieving.  I think we always will grieve for the loss of our mothers.   Another kick in the butt as I am an emotional eater.

Let’s add to that…

  • Nursed my 15 year old kiddo, Kobe, back to health after a near death/cancer/glacoma surgery and manage his Cushings Disease and high blood pressure daily
  • Launched my own business in real estate
  • Met the love of my life
  • Moved 2 times, which included building a new home
  • Injured my neck and upper back in an auto accident and have just completed 4 months of rehabilitation and chiropractic care

Today, I take care of ME.  Regain myself as a strong athletic woman who is centered, balanced and read to conquer the best years of her life.  I Love Me!

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