Wall stretch

Day 1 of regaining my “old” body back.   What is old anyway?

I’m proud of my ability to sit with my legs up against the wall for 10 minutes while the news is on.  I could not do this 5 months ago.  Everything was so tight and I was miserable.  While I laid on the floor, I studied my ankles and my toes.  I noticed my right ankle is not as swollen as it’s been for about a year and a half.  It’s actually looking pretty good and functioning wayyyy better than ever.

Yikes,  my left big toe is turning inward.   My 2007 foot surgery will eventually take me back to Dr. Parker for bunion surgery.   I consider this good news.  Dr. Parker told me after the surgery  I had zero cartilage left in my big toe joint and that he should have fused my toe joint together. However, he realized that I was “only” 37 years old (he was younger than I, btw) and very active with cycling, hiking, etc.  So he opted to leave it as-is.  Good thing.  Although he was afraid I’d be on drugs for the arthritis pain certainly to appear sooner rather than later.  I ditched the drugs within 2 weeks and never looked back.


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