About Jenn

I’ve always wanted to write about health, wellness and the journey I took to get here.    I have found along the way that others were inspired from my stories, knowledge and experiences.  In person, on Facebook and in my networking circles, friends and strangers alike would comment,  “Keep it up. I love your energy. You keep me motivated!”  So this is for you. It’s also a bit selfish because it’s for me too.  I’m my own worst critic, forget quickly my successes.  This will help me remember I’m only human, kinda not perfect at all, and every little success is worth celebrating.

If you are inspired, let me know!  Here’s to your success in achieving your goals in life.

Me:  Jenn, turning 50 and not having a melt down, yet.

My other half: Mark. We met in 2015.  Truth be told, he’s the fitness buff.  Lucky me!

My child: Kobe, a 4-legged cocker spaniel I adopted in 2007. He can do no wrong. 🙂

What I do for $$: I run my own company as a Realtor, Licensed in Virginia. I love it and would do nothing else. I have the best executive assistant, Kristin, and all my clients are AMAZING!    (Go here to learn more)

My Bestie: Lora.  Friends for 37 years and counting.  There is nothing I would not do for her. She has her own awesome business too, check it out. (Facebook Page- Luna Designs)


Random Trivia:

In 1973, I lived in Lilburn, Georgia

I was a Daddy’s Girl.   I miss him dearly every day.  I am definitely my Father’s Daughter in personality.

I am my Mother.  I sound like her, have her mannerisms and facial expressions.   I live on in her legacy.

I’ve hiked 5 of the 52 14ers in Colorado.   Not many, but more than most!


… list of randomness to be continued. Check back often!